Transaction Management

Our dedicated sales team provides transaction management services for all commercial buyers and sellers. Whether it be sourcing an investment opportunity, finding the right office space that suits your business’ needs, making sure all the intricacies such as power, road networks and high eaves are available for your industrial property or finding the right location to develop a retail centre that satisfies the markets demand - we aim to be at your side every step of the way.

You may be looking for a specific type of investment or to build a portfolio. We can do the research and legwork for you, across any sector, so that your needs are met.

As a commercial property owner, sometimes you may need to seize upon an opportunity in the market and the need arises to redeploy capital elsewhere or you may simply be looking to let go of a poor-performing asset. We will advise you on the best possible solution to minimize your risk whilst simultaneously helping you achieve a maximum return on your property or investment.


We will help you meet your leasing requirements by being hands-on and implementing a proactive approach. Our leasing agents are constantly digging for data on market trends and have established industry relationships that assist with providing you with the desired advice for your commercial property asset.

With the utilisation of effective marketing techniques, we will help you attract high-quality tenants via various channels and technologies.

Our range of skills and in-depth market knowledge ensures innovative and effective leasing solutions to landlords, investors, retailers and tenants. Working collaboratively with our clients and focused on achieving maximum returns, the Pulaprop team strives to achieve success.

Valuation (via group partnership)

Via our group partnership with Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions, Pulaprop offers an array of services across the valuations field.

Commercial Property Valuations:
Analysis and knowledge of current conditions in the commercial property market form an integral part of a commercial property valuation. We offer full property valuations from small offices to multi-storey buildings.

Retail Property Valuations:
We have considerable experience in valuing various types of retail property, including:
Shopping centres (neighbourhood, regional and national), value markets, motor showrooms, retail showrooms, filling stations, convenience stores and vacant land, amongst others.

Industrial Property Valuations:
There are many forms of industrial property, ranging from specialised hi-tech service industry units to dated factories. We provide formal valuations of all properties within this diverse sub-sector, including: light, medium and heavy industrial manufacturing, small-medium and large warehouses, cold rooms, dairies and abattoirs, industrial mini units, bulk storage and vacant land, amongst others.

Agricultural Property Valuations:
Our professional valuers can establish the real estate value of all agricultural property. With our specialist expertise – the result of years of experience in this sector of valuations as well as an informed understanding of the agricultural industry – we offer formal valuations for all types of agricultural properties, including: small holdings, cattle and game farms, vineyards, crops, poultry and dairy farming, sugar estates, timber plantations and specialist wine farms.

Specialised Property Valuations:
A wide range of our specialised property valuations expertise include: golf courses, quarries, hotels, guest houses, hospitals and health facilities, educational institutions, schools, crèches, colleges, hostels, museums, aquariums, planetariums, game lodges and zoo’s.

Replacement Cost Valuations:
A replacement cost valuation determines a property's insurance value, i.e. the cost of replacing the building and all other permanent improvements that together constitute the property at risk, as if new, at prices applicable at the valuation date. Our professional team assists with ensuring your asset is insured at the appropriate value.

Infrastructure Valuations:
From renewable energy, to road and rail infrastructure and construction, our in-depth reports provide detailed risk assessments and valuations.

Highest and Best Use Studies and Valuations:
Our team is well rehearsed in undertaking highest and best use appraisals that focus on four key factors: legal permissibility, physical possibility, financial feasibility and maximum productive use. We understand that the value of a property and its use are closely linked so its highest and best use is that which results in the highest present value and brings in the greatest net return over a given period or for the foreseeable future.  We consider also the impact of the surrounding environment, local competitive and political forces and the timing of potential property development.

Advisory Services (via group partnership)

Via our group partnership with Spectrum Valuations and Asset Solutions, Pulaprop offers an array of services in the advisory space.

The Team is fully qualified and experienced to offer the following services: feasibility studies, Capital Gains Tax valuations, valuations for expropriation purposes, expert witness support, statutory valuations (rezoning, subdivisions etc.) and market research analysis.

We offer expert consultation on ideal operating structures, processes and reengineering requirements. Optimal Balance Sheet positioning is essential in financial proposals and, while tendering for large contracts, formal valuation of your fixed and movable assets may prove useful. The Team advises investors on potential investments, and offer consultation services in terms of optimising returns on existing portfolios.

We prepare in-depth analyses and our expertise is available to private and corporate clients, country-wide. We view every project as significant, no matter how small, as our clients’ best interests always come first. Call us to discuss your requirements and we will ensure that you receive the professional treatment you expect and deserve.